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Dark Cloud Headache

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Every morning I wake up with cloudy head. I feel like my reaction time is slower, diffcult to move limbs, hard to focus, everything make me feel ehausted, the sight of smiling people cause me to be irritated. I don't feel slighty normal until around 11am or 12pm. I feel like a dark cloud hovers over my head. Every time I start to enjoy life the cloud consume me with fear. It especially grow in size at night, filling me with worry so I can't sleep. When will I have a noncloudy day?

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I understand that feeling. This dark cloud over your head all the time. It can be hard to break this feeling but there is hope it can be done. Are you getting help? Someone who might be able to help you see why you feel this way? It took me years to realize that it was one tiny fear that had me trapped in this dark place. Then one day I spoke with someone that helped me realize that I was still living in fear. It made all the difference. Perhaps the Free Confidential Counselors from Focus on the Family can help you.

Their number is 855-382-5433.

I've been to three counselors, didn't like the experience felt, like I was talking in circles. I've taken Zoloft in the past, made my stomach hurt and sleepy all the time. I don't have any income so options are limited. Thanks for the resource.

I understand that sometimes speaking with someone is hard. It is hard telling someone what is bothering you. There are other medications that can be taken to help you sleep. There is one other thing that might help, are you able to exercise? My therapist teaches me two things one learn to live in the moment through mindfulness breathing. I play soft music and focus on my breathing. Once I am calm, the I think about what has agitated me. After I know what has agitated me, I can work on solutions. The other thing is to exercise something like yoga or ti chi. It sounded difficult at first, but there are videos that move slowly and don't act as if you have been doing it since you were since you were born. It is hard, but you can move forward. Keep trying.

Thanks for responding, ti chi sound interesting, will look for videos.

Oxymoron, I did Tai Chi for years. It was gentle, calming moves with the body

that produced calming after affects to the mind. Very soothing, very relaxing.

My last year of training was Defensive Tai Chi. A great way of feeling in control. xx

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