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Does anyone get anxious because of their moles?


I have a lot of moles because of my dad’s side. I’ve been checked for two in the past and everything was fine. But this past month, I’ve been working out pretty hard and A few weeks ago, i had an itch on my right thigh. When I scratched it, it felt like a popped or scratched opened a pimple. When I checked to see where it was at, it was basically under my mole. BUT Idk if it was just an ingrown hair or irritation from sweating during the workout. I basically took it off. But I just wanted some thoughts on this?

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So you have a lot becuz of your dad's side you said? Elaborate pls. Genetics?

Have a doc take a look. It’s probablg nothing serious. I too, unfortunately, have moles and I have my gp look at them. I get why it stresses you out though

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