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Panic attacks


I’m finally starting to come down from a panic attack that has lasted 2 1/2 hours. It sucks bc it only happens at bedtime. I’m still feeling agitated and my chest feels irritated, but finally starting to feel some relief, other than my husband snoring next to me! That makes the irrigation a bit worse. What are some things you guys do to help you through a bad panic attack? That does not include deep breathing, yoga, meditation? I need to completely take my brain elsewhere

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Surrendering completely to the panic attack gets me through it the quickest. I take the "ok, are you done yet? How about now? I have a meeting in 25 minutes so if you could kindly fuck off I'd appreciate it" approach. I view panic attacks as an annoyance that take my precious time and enjoyment from me, and I don't take kindly to it. It's a great approach. I have gone from 8-9 major attacks (almost calling an ambulance level) per month down to what I'd call "minor annoyance/fear" 1-2 times a month.

Hey! How are you feeling now?

Here are some couple of things I do when I have a panic attack:

1. If I feel it starting I take Etizolam or Clonazepam asap so that it does not progress too far

2. If it has already started I breath in a paper bag to restore the CO2 washed out due to hyperventilation.

3.I make sure that somebody is near me, just in case any emergency arises

4. Drink ORS as much as possible to restore electrolyte balance. So that the numbness and tingling fades away

5. And last but MOST IMPORTANT is to remind myself that I CAN GET OVER IT. I remind myself of my strengths. And that's what helps me overcome it.

And one more thing, usually after the panic attack I feel a bit cranky and restless. So I try to take a break from the watch some videos or talk to a close friend or just be myself in my favourite park.

Everyone have there own ways to tackle it. This were some of the things which I do.

Hope it helps :)

Take care!

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