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Tingling... Any help appreciated!


Hello all, I am just going to list what I have been experiencing in the hopes someone can shed some light on all this as it has been an endless loop of stress and worry! Thank you so much.

This is my second episode of tingling this year. My symptoms at the moment ONLY occur when I close my eyes to go to sleep (which is why it feels so bizarre). As soon as I close my eyes to sleep firstly I notice a raised and sort of 'deeper' heartbeat it feels heavier and quicker and within about ten seconds of closing my eyes I feel tingling in a 'crescent' shape in my thumb and finger. As a result my mind is constantly occupied and makes it impossible to sleep - sometimes I may eventually drift off for 15-20 minutes but then I am awake again and this usually lasts until around 3am, at which point I think my body is so exhausted I eventually sleep for the rest of the night. This occurs 90% of the time in my right hand but in the episode earlier in the year it was mainly in my left hand and it has occurred in my left hand either or in addition to my right hand a couple of times over the last ten days in this particular episode. So it does have the ability to 'move'.

Occasionally during the day I might feel a slight tingle and then what I can only describe as a tightness along the vein from the wrist to my elbow i.e. along the vein on the side of my forearm where it feels full of pressure and like it is about to explode. Also have experienced tightness and pressure in the base of my skull.

Earlier in the year I suffered these same symptoms except with a further more severe night of waking up and both my forearms were numb and every time I tried to go to sleep I had this urgent sense to shake my arms as the pain from the numbness was unbearable. And also a sense of heaviness in the forearms the following day and then about three-five days of tingling feet. All of which at the time resolved themselves.

I have 80mg propranolol tablets to take 'when needed' as in the past I have suffered from severe panic attacks. And the two times I have taken it prior to going to bed I have been able to sleep within about 20-30 minutes - so I wonder if in fact my symptoms are indeed caused by anxiety and the propranolol helps or if the propranolol acting as a placebo for me. Hence I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

I have had terrible anxiety for years, and I am exceptionally vulnerable to it, so I know this could easily be the reason I am having the symptoms I am having. But I would like any sort of clarity on the situation, as I feel completely lost and I am honestly so exhausted from the stress and worry of what could be wrong with me.

Thank you all for your time

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100% anxiety. We all experience weird sensations in our bodies, as you described as tingling. It's our perceptions of these sensations that cause more harm than the feeling itself. It's unnecessary to put too much thought into them, as it is clearly producing a lot of stress. Accept the symptoms for what they are. You mentioned that you have experienced anxiety and panic attacks in the past, which I am sure you had other symptoms that you thought were harmful at that time, and now those symptoms have passed and new symptoms have emerged. You've already survived 100 percent of your hardest days. Keep going.

AnnaR10 in reply to Enolz

Thank you so much


would look up the side affects of the Propranolol..your answer could be with the PB med.

Most pb meds have side affects. I believe I was on this med and got off it because of awful side affects. There are tons of bp meds it's a matter of which one. Best to talk to your Dr. that prescribed it and ask him to change it for something else. Best of Luck to you.

Have you ever had your B12 levels checked? Tingling and numbness is a big symptom, along with severe anxiety. Just asking because that’s what mine was🙂

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