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Cymbalta side effect / heavy chest and dizziness


Hi everyone.. I have a question about my anxiety and I’ve been super worried. So I’ve realized I’ve beeb getting a really weird feeling in my chest when I’m sitting or something. It feels like pressure building or a bubble that’s going down my chest and when I breathe in deep it seems to just get stronger. This feeling is accompanied by a dizzy feeling (similar to the zapping feeling you get when you miss a dose of cymbalta) now that’s the best I can describe this.. I’ve had lots of tests done but everything seems normal. I do have high cholesterol and anxiety. So I’m wondering if anyone has felt this way? Or do you think this is a side effect from taking cymbalta? I’ve been on cymbalta for almost 3 years now and it’s 60mg

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Hi Neha, I too get chest pain and dizziness at times . Usually after something has made me feel very anxious. It often comes on when I'm resting , it's been alot better since I've been taking Sertraline, but if i forget to take it . I can get a little light headed . I too have high cholesterol, doctor thinks mine is related to my rheumatoid arthritis though. One thing I have learnt as I've got older is too be kind to myself and listen to my body 🤗

Neha277 in reply to Debbiecoops

Hi Debbie! Thanks for your reply! I’m so sorry to hear about your rheumatoid arthritis. I hope you’re coping well? I have a horrible habit of overthinking things and I’m not sure if that’s what I’m doing. The feeling I get is so horrors because it makes my chest heavy and the feeling of passing out in my head :( I don’t know if it’s all in my head.. I’m going to see my psychiatrist soon and will ask him about sertraline as I haven’t taken it before. I also have PCOS and I don’t know if it’s causing all these symptoms including the anxiety.

Debbiecoops in reply to Neha277

I cope well most days, but it has changed my life . I can't do the things I used too. However i do feel the anxiety is more under control now, Sertraline definitely works for me . My anxiety was triggered by health problems in my twenties . I tried lots of anti depressants but nothing helped with the anxiety until now. Your anxiety could be related to your pcos, being diagnosed with anything like that can make you anxious. The chest pain you described , I experienced earlier this year . I was admitted to hospital twice with a suspected heart attack. However I have had all the tests etc on my heart and it's fine. So it was put down to anxiety! Can cause all sorts of health problems x

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