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Hi all. I STUPIDLY brought a BP machine yday which can detect irregular heart beats. Of course when I took mine the irregular button flashed. Now is this cause for concern or can anxiety cause this and not actually be real? It says to see a doctor if I keeeps saying irregular. I took it three time and twice it showed irregular. Then all night my BP was so high. Had so many ecgs all come back clear and had extensive tests too. What shall I do? :(

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wait for it...............................

get rid of the machine.

Those of us with Health Anxiety should never be left alone with home medical devices, or even FITBIT's.

Yep, it's true! ;)

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My blood pressure readings used to always be great. Now they’re not great it’s only led to me being even more convinced I’m on the way out of life :(

Sandy, I so agree with Indigojoe regarding the b/p device. What were you

doing taking it all night instead of sleeping my friend?

I agree. Throw the blood pressure machine in the trash. As a recovered Anorexic. I know. I was afraid of sugar during my illness days. I bought a sugar reading machine. I checked my sugar levels 24/7. It just was the wrong thing to do. THROW IT AWAY AND LIVE.

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