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Derealization I guess?


I think I have derealization?

Right now I just feel:

- really foggy like I’m partially not here

- Deja vu-ish.

- On edge

- scared

I have had these Deja vu feelings since last year. If you have looked at any of my past posts you know I am 90% certain I have epilepsy. I don’t shake or anything but sometimes (like when I’m washing dishes) I just zone out or go into la la land. I have been around people when it happened and I asked them if i do anything weird (just my friends and family. Not random people) and they say that I just look kinda scared like I do when I’m having anxiety.

Sometimes these Deja vu feelings come out of the blue and other days I get them when I am doing something stressful. Like this weekend I had some theatre performances (I was up in the lighting booth) and I felt it there too.

Everyone tells me that all of what I am feeling is just my anxiety ( I have GAD) and they get it too, but in the back of my mind I keep thinking “Oh my god I have epilepsy”

I should elaborate a little, it’s not like I know what the person is about to say or anything. It is literally that I just feel like I’ve heard or seen that certain thing before. I cant say that I know what they are gonna say or do next or anything. I legit just feel like “I have seen this thing before” or “I think I had a dream about this once”

Has anyone ever felt like this before cause of anxiety? Any input would be great! Thanks in advance!

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I’ve had this a thousand times in my life but I don’t think mine is from anxiety.

plushiesaremyjam in reply to Hidden

What do you think it’s from?

Hidden in reply to plushiesaremyjam

I’m not sure. It feels strange when it happens. Like something happens and I know what is happening next or what someone is going to say already because it’s like I’ve already lived it. It definitely is puzzling!!

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