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Today and every day has been a fight, but it’s getting better, and as people fighting a battle with ourselves that’s what we can hope for.

Small improvements each day keep me going but I’m struggling with minor setbacks.

You all have been so tremendously helpful so far in this journey of mine and I’m hoping I continue to improve and maybe one day rid myself of this horrible illness that has caused me so much physical and mental pain.

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We will conquer this! ❤️

Treyjeff, fight a battle with yourself and you will lose, indeed any attempt to fight anxiety, will prevent recovery. Fighting produces more stress and strain, your sensitised nervous system needs less not more stress and strain in order to recover. So do the opposite of what instinct tells you and you will recover completely.

Do not fight, accept the symptoms of anxiety for the time being. Do nothing. Agree to co-exist with your anxiety for the moment. Surrender to it completely. Do nothing and in doing so, by not adding more fear and tension and stress, you buy time for your nerves to repair themselves in peace. This is the way to recover from anxiety disorder.

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