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Anxiety and aching


I have a feeling that I am suffering from glandular fever when I over exert myself and get overwhelmed. As I slow down the symptoms get worse.

I don't know how to ask for help as this has been gong on for so long and the symptoms mimic a mood disorder which Is not the case and I no longer want to interract with a psychiatric model.

Thanks for support

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I suffer from extreme health anxiety. Last week (I even wrote on here)I was convinced I had spinal tumors... it was so bad I manifested this pain. If I was busy, involved with other adults talking, movies ect I never thought about it and no pain. Moment I was home alone BOOM it came back full force. I know what your going through. Talking to someone helps so much. My best advice is to breathe...write down everything your feeling it sounds silly but it helps. I have an anxiety journal

Maxyz3 in reply to Ashleyp

Your to busy self diagnosing the point you think you are ill..not the case your fine..stop listening in to your body..and if there is something wrong the Dr will fix it your not going to die. Get your mind away from yourself and enjoy looking outwards..birds , sky, look around..get your mind of you.

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