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Dry wretching


Hi everyone i have suffered from wretching/gipping when i am anxious .Morning are the worst to the point i don't get up till dinnertime.I can't go out for food/meals as when its time to leave for some reason my anxiety kicks in and i end up gipping which leads to vomiting :( I have been like this for over 10 years now and would love to just get up in the morning and do normal stuff.My question is does anyone take any medication or remedies to stop it? I don't feel sick when it happens its just there .I take Mirtazapine 30mg which helps my anxiety somewhat .Any help much appreciated xx

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Hi Shelly1981, Morning Anxiety is very common with the anxious person. After all, the start of a new day, an unknown plus an abundance of adrenaline coursing through our body at that time, makes it difficult in wanting to move. However, staying in bed is not the answer. We need to move our muscles to use up that extra adrenaline. When we stay in bed, it has no where to go but to keep churning in our stomach producing the symptoms we hate so much.

While you are in bed, I would recommend deep breathing and listening to a relaxation tape. Not music but one that guides you through visualization and meditation. Getting up, having breakfast no matter how small, shower and get dress is a motivator in itself. Even if you have no where to go, being dressed rather than lying around in a robe or pjs will trick the mind by allowing you to do small things and feel better.

Sometimes it's a matter of moving around the time of your medications. Since some make you too sedated during the day and others too stimulating. As the anxiety usually tones down a lot as the day goes by. Using Meditation/Mindfulness and calming thoughts throughout the day will help keep your emotions at an even keel. As for the wretching you feel when anxious, maybe your doctor could give you something or recommend what might settle your nervous stomach down.

If we allow anxiety to rule our day, our life, then we've lost control. It will take time and slow steps in changing your daily cycle but once you do, I really think you will start feeling better and not feel so under the gun with the threat of anxiety. Wishing you my best xx

Shelly I fully understand what you are going through and am so sorry. I become the same when my stress levels are high. I have found that prochlorperazine, one at night, helps a little, but I think the thing which helps me the most is a Kalms Valerian root tablet, just one a night. Neither solve the problem but I find they usually help. Deep breathing is a help too, and sometimes shouting encouraging thigs to myself helps! I also have two small soft toys which I knitted and I hold conversations with those! Sounds a bit loony, but it gets me by.

Hope you can find a solution which helps. It is a very difficult situation, and prescription pills are not always the answer. All the very best to you, I wish you well. xx

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