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This is tearing me apart.


IVe posted a few times on here I'm a 16 year old girl and I've been suffering for anxiety for almost four months now it's been awful and it taking a mental and physical toll on me my family knows my friends now I've been to the doctor before and they put me on anxiety meds I've been off them for a while but its just gotten worse I feel I will get very nauseous very weak headaches my heart will feel like its beating weirdly I won't be able to breathe I just don't know what to do anymore. I also have Etmephobia (the fear of vommiting) which makes my anxiety wose when I get nauseated. .. any advise?

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I completely understand with what youre saying about anxiety taking a toll on you. It is legit crazy all the symptoms or feeling it could cause. I like to jot things down when i can anxious. Where it is an encouraging saying or just writting down why im feeling anxious. It helps to hopefully identify a trigger. Also, maybe if the meds worked in the past for you maybe you need theM. The main thing is to realize anxiety normal and it will pass. Whenever i think about or when its gonna happen it is usually worse. Hope that helped you out a bit.

I'm sorry. What do your folks say?

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My dad tries to talk to me and tells me to retrain my brain my mom dosent really liste. I think its bcause she doesn't understand.

Hello Anon. Experiencing anxiety for the first time is very unsettling to say the least Not knowing how bad it will get or how to get ride of the feelings that come with it. Talking to other folks with mental issues is a great way to find out what`s out there and whether any of the symptoms you have are similar. The rule of thumb is we have to take the meds for up to several weeks before we get full benefit.

Good Luck Hang in there....


Hi Anon - Anxiety is exhausting! Even if you did nothing all day, with your brain and thoughts running at 100 miles per hour, you would still be exhausted. Of course being tired all the time leaves you vulnerable and the anxiety tightens its grip. You need to break the cycle. Get back to the docs. Get some meds. Give them time to work, go with it. It's a moment in time and it will get better but you need help, don't be afraid to admit it or ask for it or even demand it. Life will get better.

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and have you researched what the docs give you, antidepressant medicines increase the chance of causing suicide by about 56% yet the official figures are 12%.

this information is so dangerous why do none of you research what they give you.

it has been proven that walking for 5 miles a day does exactly the same as the anti depressant meds by releasing endorphins yet have you seen what goes into these meds titanium dioxide which causes cancer magnesium stearate or stearic acid eats your stomach lining

you all really do need to wake up and educate yourselves I know your all down but spending an hour a day on the net between a group of you would provide so much information for you all you would be cured of this within a month tops.

Hi anon firstly I fully understand what you're going through. The important thing to stay focussed on is you Dont have to suffer. Anxiety is not a terminal illness as sometimes we think it is. Anxiety is caused by ourselves and can be cured very quick . We are always self scanning and waiting for the next anxiety symptom. When we should be focussing on telling ourselves." Whoops felt a bit weird then but that passed and I Wont think about it again " We have to make a big effort to take tjdpdwgp bull by the horns and take back control . I have .health anxiety so I took control by becoming a volunteer at local hospitals. I have been given a placement on a 8 week Mindfulness course through my mental health department. First session is 16th April . So will keep people posted

Grrr bloody predict a text keeps putting tjdpdwgp instead of the lol

Look into mindfulness, the problem with us anxiety sufferers is we feed the fear daily. Like eating but we feed the fear so it thrives, starve it and it will die off. Get up today and be strong, tell it your going to kick it in the butt case your going to have a life. You have a lot to live for, it seems a never-ending nightmare with no way out. There is a way out for you. Can you look up Matt Chandler .. Keep getting up. Tell the Mr anxiety your going to beat this. Tell yourself positive things about your self, practise this all day. Tell yourself over and over that God loves you and wants to help you out of this. Honestly trust in him and I assure you, you will get better. Tell him everything about how you feel. Ask him to help you. I did and I am way way better than I thought I could ever be. I had given up. But he said get up and trust me. Don't be afraid he said. I totally understand how you feel. I thought no one can help me. But now I know God can and did.

Look up mindfulness things on you tube and Matt Chandler, Joyce Meyer. Your going to get through this. Here for you any time x

I agree with Snow. It's is a battlefield of the mind. Joyce Meyer talks about this and controlling your thoughts. Praying helps and knowing that everything happens for a purpose. You are not alone and you don't have to let anxiety win. If something has happened before and you feel it coming on, try taking your mind off it. You can not please everyone. Therefore, don't worry about what people think about you. Accept the things you can not change; change the thinks you can, and ask God for wisdom to know the difference. It is not simple or easy to get rid of negative thoughts but not impossible to curtail them. God bless you.

I don't usually talk about God in forums because some would see it as preaching, but for people who do Joyce Meyer has been one of the few comforts to me and I'm glad to hear her mentioned. She also has a living courageously book (I borrowed the audiobook from the library) and videos with the same title on youtube that help. She goes even deeper in this one into her past and some of the reasons why it has shaped her nervousness which is the type of thing my therapist just won't go into. I'm estranged from my entire family but he won't delve into it. Traumas in your past can really shape anxiety.

For Anon Anon I've heard of many people who get these attacks when they are young and get past them to have very few issues later in life. That is most likely what will happen for you once you get through this. Someone took you to get medicine the first time so it's obvious you have people who love and care for you. It's tough for now but I have a feeling you will come out of this even stronger :)

Hi I know how u feel and its hard when no one understands and u cant explain it the way u feel they say to keep urself occupied but its very hard .I cant tell u how many times ive been at the doctors for help and I come out feeling like I am wasting their time and they r not interested but I dont think they realise its so hard to cope with. I have been feeling nausea on and off for about 6 weeks now and loosing weight and u start thinkin the worst try eating small amounts and offten n try focus on something good in the day

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Yes, like we're wasting their time! I don't get it. Ultimately they're a business but they act like they are doing us a favor to see us. Doesn't make sense.

Heyy..I thought I may try and help just because I'm 16 and also suffering with anxiety so maybe I can relate? My friends know that I'm in medication but my family doesn't. Nausea is a side effect sometimes if you don't grafually ease of your meds, so over a long period of time grafually take less so your body doesn't get a shock. I tend to feel sick a lot as my anxiety makes me prone to thinking I always have a serious illness when I dont. A good way to reduce nausea it is spitting I'm not sure why but it's meant to stop you being sick and sipping tea as its meant to calm your stomach, I hope this help. If you feel like you need someone to talk to privately you can always have my email..I think being the same age could make it easier to understand what your going through x


Educate Yourself,

the education system trains you to be a slave so you work for the corporations it restricts knowledge and critical thinking the most amazing thing you can learn about is health especially when you are not doing so good yourself, fluoride is a major contributor to anxiety so try and use distilled water with a pinch of organic sea salt, table salt is toxic to our bodies. for a toothpaste use medical grade sodium bicarbonate

if you are good at learning you will see how many things are put into our food and water to deliberately cause illness you will be able to give people advice that most naturopaths don't have a clue about as they are taking notice of the system that has trained them.

libraries provide an amazing assortment of books from all different cultures and they all have remedies that completely smash the idea that western medicine is good for you.

once you start learning you will never look back in life and curing people with food within a few days when the pharma doctors have been trying for 2 months gives you an understanding that they really do not know what they are doing and that the majority of their poisons are just that a red triangle indicates poison and is on most of the drug packages.

doctors go to uni for how long 7 years and learn an amazing amount of things 450 thousand to be precise yet virtually none of them can cure anybody and yet if you use food you cure people

yet you can specialise in one area and be curing people within a couple of months of study. start with anxiety learn why it happens and what foods provide the necessary chemicals that cure it a change of diet is essential as ours is so full of rubbish that it is the only starting point

iodine removes fluoride out of our bodies there are three things the ruling class have taken out of our food and they are sulphur boron and iodine all of these remove metals and the toxic halogen elements that are the cause of so many of todays diseases.

here is a start for you this is all the stuff I have got on depression and anxiety.

high dose vitamin therapy reduces depression drastically

vitamins B6 12 and folic acid high dose for 3 weeks

B1 deficiency for depression and irritability

B2 deficiency for depression


Fluoride also inhibits the production of melatonin and seratonin, both vital to our health. Similarly, fluoride has health consequences for diabetics by inhibiting the production of insulin. Of grave concern is the finding reported in the British journal, The Lancet, that fluoride inhibits or destroys acetylcholinesterase

Acetylcholine (ACh) is a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system. [...] Over the years studies have shown that when the body feels stress (for example when a child jumps in front of your car) the level of ACh in the synapses rises. In order for the body to return to normal levels of ACh a special enzyme called Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) which breaks down the ACh, springs into action.

Normally the levels of ACh and AchE decrease after the cause of the stress disappears, but people suffering from anxiety disorders continue to maintain high levels of ACh and AChE. [...] Previous studies on mice suggested that two other enzymes called butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) and paraoxonase (PON) are also involved in the anxiety controlling mechanism.

DMSO has also been shown to have cholinesterase properties

fluoride inhibits production of ACHe

GHB’s efficacy for treating anxiety has been positively demonstrated in

tests involving schizophrenic subjects [Laborit, 1964]. Its sedative

properties have earned it a role as a psychotherapeutic adjunct [Vickers,

1969]. It has also been used to assist the process of “abreaction,” or the

release (usually through verbalization) of repressed emotion [Vickers,

1969]. Unlike other “anxiolytic” (or anti-anxiety) drugs, GHB’s effect is

non-toxic. Furthermore, GHB’s reduction of inhibitions, its tendency to

encourage verbalization, and the typical lack of fear during the GHB

experience would seem to provide an ideal context for the verbal

exploration of difficult emotional territory during therapy

\Melatonin tryptophan serotonin = =

negative ions aid serotonin uptake in the blood


Colour Therapy?

rhodiola works wonders for anxiety and stress

it regulates stress hormone release

i am taking a 500mg rhodiola extract supplement one time daily

also tried a different product with less rhodiola but mixed with ashwaganda and shizandra which worked as well

PTSD cure?

Thyme (old times sleep on a pillow stuffed with thyme)

Banana skin contains tryptophan B6 B12

steam 2 very soft bananas with the peels on eat in the morning on an empty stomach and just before you go to bed this helps cure asthma as well as puts a whole load of nutrients into you. make sure you clean the skins of the bananas with food grade hydrogen peroxide as all bananas have a fungus on the skin. and steam in distilled water

never eat after 6 pm as your digestion doesn't work very well


turmeric has been shown to treat depression better than Prozac which has some fluoride in it fluoride is derived from uranium processing and is lethal to humans

only use the yellow turmeric as all others contain lead. lead is used in most make ups this causes lower intelligence and anger

suicide figures on anti depressants

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