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Heart struggling/skipping beats?


My heart keeps on feeling as if it’s literally missing a beat or it’s struggling to beat. It’s happened twice to me today the first time when I was shopping and I put my hand on my chest and I could feel my heart struggling to beat and I felt as if everything and everyone around me was going slow motion, but then I suddenly felt fine again. The exact same happened the second time whilst I was doing a clients makeup. I’m so on edge now incase something bad is going to happen! Should I be worried or is this literally just a sign of anxiety?

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As I am not a doctor, I can't tell you whether you do or don't have a problem with your heart but I do want to try and reassure you.

Firstly, you are unlikely to really be able to feel your heart skipping a beat, as you describe, although you may be able to feel some kind of sensation. Your heart rate varies throughout the day and with different activities so it could easily be completely normal and harmless. If you are prone to anxiety it is easy to become concerned by any feelings and sensations and assume they are something bad, which in turn makes it feel worse because you are focussed on it and noticing it more.

Anxiety can cause a whole range of different physical symptoms which can include racing heartbeats or other unpleasant feelings in our chests. I suffer from severe health anxiety and often have feelings in my heart/chest but for some reason (thankfully) I have never been concerned by my heart so I don't take a lot of notice of these feelings!

I think a trip to the doctors is probably needed to reassure you but I do absolutely think this could be anxiety so I don't think you need to be alarmed by it.

Go get checked. It maybe anxiety or something serious.

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