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Through the roof


Hi guys

I'm literally through the roof with anxiety it's been coming on a while got back off my hol about 6 weeks ago and bang but crazy thing is I felt like passing out all time warm weak dizzy went to docs and turns out got a bit of a extra heart beat it does pay to get stuff checked so gotta have ecg tomo think I'm real low on iron gotta have liquid iron and I know have decided gonna rest and take one day at a time it could be my thyroid or just a bit of stress can anyone relate just waiting for blood results and need some time outta work too I think .binkynoo dosentry know what to do plus i don't sleep at min !!

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ooh your body is probably burned out anxiety is tiresome so hopefully your results will show what needs to be done if your not sleeping it contributes to it as well i hope everything works out fine.

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