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Bizarre neurological symptoms


About three weeks ago I felt a little dizzy, and began feeling this sensation of fluid sloshing around in my head. I've been feeling it ever since, and it's driving me crazy. It feels like my brain is coated with fluid, that's pressing down causing a tightness in my head. In addition, I've been having trouble concentrating, like I have a "brain fog" that doesn't go away.

I saw a neurologist, who did a ct scan and an MRI. Both were normal. I also had blood work done and was tested for Lyme. Everything was normal, yet the symptoms are still there.

Have any of you had symptoms like the ones I described? Please help. Thank you!

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Hi TZ355, I use to have that years ago. Also had MRI and CT Scan that were normal.

Went to a Rheumatologist who works not only with the bones but muscles and soft connective tissue. He ordered Physical Therapy where they used Acupressure and heat packs to release the built up fluid in the head caused by the tightened muscles in the neck.

Also with working on relaxation and deep breathing, it eventually quieted the spasms down. What a great feeling now. Wishing you well. this too will pass. xx

TZ355 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much!

Agora1 in reply to TZ355

:) xx

Hi TX355!

It could be fairly possible that there is just fluid traveling from your ears.

Have you recently swam? Have you been cleaning your ears out?

If you have recently been swimming and if you tend to stay deep underwater for a while, your ears could very well be taking on water. This can be dangerous because the water can cause damage to your eardrums.

A neurologist may not have been the best kind of doctor to see about that. I would suggest going to your normal doctor or visiting the ER.

Hope this helps!

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