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Losing it, am i alone?

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I'm so scared I'm losing my mind. I feel so foggy and out of it sometimes. I don't really feel like me sometimes. I'm scared that I'm losing my mind and that I'll eventually stop feeling anything for anything or anyone and the thought terrifies me. please tell me I'm not alone in this.

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I promise you not. I feel like that all the time.


I feel like it a lot

If you ever need someone I'm here for you as probably many others. 😊


A...I know this feeling well. There are lots of us on here who feel this way so please don’t think you are alone. It’s a difficult time to go through but you will come through it. One thing you must try not do is read too many different books/articles/blogs. I have two books I refer to in my desperate times. They are both brilliant and are helping me so much.

This site is also very good. I hope you start to feel like your old self soon but it does take time to heal so try not to pressure yourself too much.

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Thank you so much❤

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