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week alone


so i’m 17 and my parents & brother are going across the country on vacation and leaving me at home by myself (i’m not going because of family drama) and i’m just feeling really anxious about it. i have panic attacks & major anxiety issues on the regular and i feel like this week is going to be hell especially since there’s not the comfort of knowing i’m not alone in the house. it sounds silly because it’s only for a week but i can’t help but be stressed about it. it might be a nice opportunity to do my own thing for a week but i feel like my constanst anxiety & worrying will ruin any enjoyment i may get out of it. does anyone have any advice on how i can manage this anxiety?

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This happened to me when I was a few years older that you are now and honestly It didn't go well the first day and night. I set myself up for anxiety just like you are doing now.

In those days, all we had was a telephone if you wanted or needed to talk to someone about how you felt.

So I called a friend and made plans to stay with them and it ended up to be a great week.

If you can't find someone to stay with, take a deep breath, and find someone less fortunate than you are and make yourself busy taking care of someone else, or walking dogs for the local animal shelter.

You are not the first teenager to be in this situation. So get creative instead of getting scared.

Blaze a new trail for yourself. It could be fun.

( and it's ok to sleep with the light on ) WE all do it! :)

Hi Januarystars,

I absolutely had high anxiety and panic when my husband was traveling. I had two small children at the time. Put on music, tv (something funny) and remember to breathe. Do breathing exercises to bring your anxiety level down. It will pass. I know how it feels. I am going through it again myself. Good luck and think positive thoughts.

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