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Summer and this anxiety . ( Any tips? )



I was curious. How does everyone deal with their anxiety in this summer weather ? How can you tell it’s coming on ? I hate this summer in the city. I want to go back to the islands.

Also any tips ? I feel like an anxious wreck . We are so sensitive in this weather . I hate it. I had palpitations and felt flustered because not only is it miserable out but I’m shopping for an outfit to wear this weekend for a party, and while in the mall i was running around like a mad woman . Ugh I get back in the car , then once I’m close by to my house, I felt flustered ..had palpitations...etc. I have the A/C blasting now though. Stay cool and hydrated everyone!! Oh and what’s your weekend plans ? :)

*^I know I asked a bunch of things but i gotta vent . Lol I finally calmed down but I feel so “blah” now lol it takes so much energy to panic

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Hi Hippie, good question. I find summer is much easier for me to control my anxiety. Winter is hard due to snow, little sunshine and severe cold temps. I keep active to keep my blood and oxygen flowing and my mind tired so it can't control my thoughts. Swimming, walks, working on the lawn/landscape, biking, camping with friends, concerts and much more. Enjoy this seasonal sunshine and warmth while it's here! Volunteer work is nice as you're helping someone else who is worse off than you and it makes you feel good to help others. All of these things will take the focus off your negative thoughts.

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