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hope and help for your nerves - claire weekes


I suffer from panic attacks a lot, which result in a lot of adrenaline surges which scare the absolute crap out of me. Also have constant anxiety throughout the day, which causes me a lot of physical sensations and pain that I never trust is just caused by anxiety.

So, i’ve been seeing a lot of things on here about hope and help for your nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes, and I’m so excited to read and study it. I’m ready to face my anxiety head-on, and tell it it’s not in control of me anymore! Nobody deserves to live in a world where anxiety becomes the only thing you can feel because your brain is sick and doesn’t give you the time to think about positive things.

I’m ready to retrain my brain. I also got another book called Dare and on the cover it says the new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks-if any of you guys have read, did you like it and did it help?:)

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Both books are life changing and the best I've ever read Good luck 😊


A website called AnxietyNoMoreUK also helped me a lot. Check out the forum too. It’s a goldmine of useful information from people who have recovered or in the process of recovery . I learnt a lot about anxiety by reading other people’s posts and like I said earlier, found myself relating to them, if only because everyone is living in fear of something. Whether it is physical symptoms of anxiety or intrusive, scary thoughts. Lose the fear through knowledge and understanding and apply what you have learnt. Go towards those fears whatever they may be, allow yourself to think and feel anything that comes up by facing those fears and have a relaxed attitude. Dr Claire Weekes refers to it as facing, accepting, floating past and then letting time pass. Time is the healer. Just go with the flow and let it all happen. No harm can be done because it the mind and body’s natural protection system at work, it’s just got a little trigger happy because it’s been overused and needs time to get back to its default setting. Peace of mind and body.


I just ordered hope and help for your nerves. Fingers are crossed toes are crossed. Arms are crossed. I’m ready to feel better !!! So hope it helps both of us. And all of us for that matter!!!

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