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How likely is this going to be the magic number?

Brief history - long history of anxiety and panic attacks and eventually a breakdown in July 2017 never medicated previously.

Started on cipralex 10mg, 0.25 xanax as needed for panic attacks in July.

Came off cipralex in nov 2017 feeling pretty good bar the odd panic attack here and there which I was using 0.25 xanax for.

By Jan 2018 the anxiety was back in full force so I started back on the cipralex and had zero relief.

Came off it again in April.

We are very limited on medication options here in Middle East so the only other med the doctor could prescribe was seroquel. She asked me to read up on it and let her know my thoughts - I’m not keen on taking it.

I suggested trying an increase in the cipralex from 10-15mg she hasn’t prescribed above 10mg before so she was very reluctant but ultimately said its up to me.

So my question is this - how likely is it that 15 mg would make the difference if I’m not feeling any relief at 10mg?

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I don’t think it’s likely to make a difference and seroquil is for schizophrenia which you don’t need. It will make you a zombie!!! Omg our doctors and our narcissist men are going to kill us this way, numb and medicated so we are their puppets. Xanax is a narcissists dream because more than .5 per day affects your short term memory and he will use that as a gaslighting technique! It’s only a slight memory issue that a narcissist would attach, otherwise they’re really helpful in low doses and not daily, I wish I could hug you!

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I should have said seroquil is used more for things like schizophrenia *

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I never went back on the cipralex and only use 0.25 xanax in dire emergency! Xxx

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I take something similar to Xanax , Valium so I know and I know exactly what marrying a narcissist is like! I hope I can help you in some way. I have been taking Valium since 2006 and still am not dependent on them because I only go to them in dire emergencies too. Have you been able to feel any better since the realization that it’s him gaslighting you and not you as a person?

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