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Does anyone else here have anxiety/phobia about food poisoning?

It's something I've had for as long as I can remember and I know my general anxiety is bad when I start getting really worried about food hygiene and also throw food out even if I've made a meal, if I feel it smells off, or is dodgy in some way. I've also bought food at cafes and then thrown them away if I get worried.

Restaurants can be a challenge, I always check the hygiene ratings, and don't order foods that can easily be dodgy, I also order fish etc well done...but I try to make myself eat out and do stuff..

The other thing that happens of course then is if I eat something that I decide after eating it that it was a bit dodgy, I will start to feel sick, need the loo etc, which I'm pretty sure is always just the anxiety.

Anyhow if you have it and found any solutions I'd love to know.

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Yes! I can relate, but only for the past year, I think it might be after I became violently ill due to food poisoning - I also think what I'm worried about is having it in public when there's no escape, and not knowing what to do.

What doesn't help is that anxiety causes similar things to happen to you as food poisoning does, as you say, feeling sick, dizzy, digestive system playing up, and so if you feel even the slight bit nauseous, you worry about having food poisoning, which makes you feel more sick, which further convinces you..and the cycle continues.

I'm afraid I can't offer much in the way of advice but I no longer get takeaways, I thoroughly google different foods and how long they last in order to reassure myself, and I plan my meals so that I don't have to eat anything on/after it's BBE date, and when I'm feeling sick and think I might have food poisoning, I simply go through what I've eaten to reassure myself I'm fine, and carry a plastic bag with me in my pocket. This seems a bit weird, but for some reason this subconsciously reassures my mind and I forget about it and suddenly feel completely better. My behaviour is probably a bit over the top, and hopefully someone else will be able to offer you more helpful advice! But all I can really say is that (on some level) I understand.

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Yes I have a similar problem from food poisoning last year. I avoid takeaways unless it's from places I have eaten at before. I make sure I cook all my meals and won't eat if I feel it could be an issue. I avoid dining out unless it's where I have eaten before and then it's very rarely as my anxiety goes through the roof. I worry about eating all the time to the point that I won't eat if it isn't what I call a "safe food" I even take my own drink bottle everywhere. It drives me crazy but since my experience with food poisoning was so bad I just won't risk it. If you find an answer please let us know xxx

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