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Panic Attacks

I was having panic attacks and intense chest pain everyday multiple times a day. I got a normal blood test and ekg. These good results along with different techniques helped me learn to control the attacks and I was doing much better. However, today I went up a stair case and got intense chest pain in the middle of my chest every time I breathed in for a few minutes after I had sat down. That was followed by a fluttering feeling/palpitations for about 40 minutes. 3 hours later I had a panic attack and now, 4 hours after that, I just had another panic attack. Does anybody else get stuff like this? Nobody I know seems to understand what is happening to me. Also, could there be something wrong with my heart? I am scared now.

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I’ve also had this. It’s so scary. I’m so sorry you are going through it too. Hopefully it’s gone away by now and you are able to relax a little. I try to just lay down and focus on my breathing. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. The hand on your chest shouldn’t move up and down with your breaths only your stomach! This helps to insure you’re getting enough oxygen and also kind of takes your mind off the anxiety. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way!!!

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Jamie5, you did the right thing to get an ekg and blood test, if you're still worried it's physical then go back to your doctor and discuss it with him/her. But if the diagnosis is still that your heart is fine you must accept that second opinion or you will just be trying to cure yourself of an illness you don't have.

Muscular tension of the chest muscles is a common symptom of anxiety disorder and is often confused with heart problems.

Panic attacks are most unpleasant but nobody ever died of a panic attack or was disabled by one. They are caused by the fact your nervous system has become over sensitised by too much stress, worry, overwork, grief, disappointment, you name it. Finally your nerves can stand it no more and wham! they become over sensitive and start playing mind games with us, in your case panic attacks.

I would recommend that instead of trying to cure yourself of the symptoms of anxiety disorder (chest pain, panic attacks) you direct your attention to curing the cause namely anxiety.

At the moment every time you have a panic attack it releases fear hormones which keep your nervous system sensitised.

The solution is to accept all the symptoms as calmly and fearlessly as you can, yes that's right Accept the symptom for the time being. Accept them completely, surrender to them, agree to co-exist with them for the moment. Yes, even the panic attacks.

Let the bad feelings rush past you even as the waves crash past a rock on the shore but the rock endures. Unpleasant though it is there is no danger, nothing to fear.

If you learn to do this, to practice Acceptance, then in time acceptance replaces fear and you no longer re-sensitise your nerves with fear every five minutes.

It takes time, Acceptance is no instant fix, it takes days, weeks, maybe longer. But as sure as Spring follows Winter you will recover and the chest pains and panic attacks will be no more. Of this I assure you.

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Yeah, thank you. I’m going to the caridiologist next week for what will hopefully be my last appointment. I’m going to work on acceptance. I was doing well but I just slipped up yesterday. Thanks for your response. :)


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