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Panic attack or heart attack?

So tonight out of nowhere, my stomach just started going crazy, hurting and stuff. After that, I tried laying down and I felt better for a little while and then I started feeling very on edge and like something very bad is going to happen, I can't convince myself that I'm OK, my mind is telling me this is an emergency and I'm panicking, my chest is hurting, I'm dizzy and can barely breath! I was tested a couple months ago and my heart was fine, is it possible this could be a heart attack? I'm so scared right now! 😭😭😭 I read online how women don't have to have risk factors and can still have one, I'm terrified😭😭 I also feel like I need to cry but can't get tears out 😭😭

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Hi Carrie. Sorry you are feeling these horrible things! I have just gotten through quite a phase similar to yours! Chest pain and burning left arm that left me stricken with fear that this time it really is a heart attack instead of just anxiety. I was a wreck, unable to focus on anything else except than to scan myself continuously for symptoms. But guess what, when I do catch a break, albeit, a few minutes, I realized the pain was not there but once I was scanning for it again, voila! It all started again. That was what made me realized that I have felt all those familiar symptoms before and it is indeed just anxiety trying to drown me again. I pushed through and after a few days of being stuck in a rut, moping around at home and still not collapsing from my supposed heart attack, I forced myself to leave the house and do things. It was a struggle no doubt and I am feeling exhausted but it dawned on me, it is just a phase, that horrible and frustrating phase where we allowed ourselves to fall through the traps but keep the faith that it will always pass. Hope you feel better soon! hugs! :)

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Thank you so much! :)


If you get these symptoms again you should definitely see a doctor.


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