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Brain tumor worries...again

I have a lot of Deja Vu moments when I am stressed out. When I get stressed I get weird Deja Vu moments or even just in life I get them even if I am not stressed. They scare me because I read that deja vu could be a sign of epilepsy as well as brain cancer. I tend to zone out sometimes, not like when I need to concentrate or anything but just randomly like during school and such. Sometimes I don't sleep well at night from my anxiety. But I get really scared when I have deja vu moments. I always feel like something bad is going to happen. Ive been around people when it happens to me and they say that I dont do anything out of the ordinary. I look kinda scared but other than that I dont convulse or do anything odd with my hands, my speech doesnt seem to change. I just look nervous which is usually what happens when it happens, i get nervous! My friends and family tell me that everyone get Deja Vu but i just feel like since mine can happen almost everyday that something is up.

Also I should probably add, this has been going on for months and months. About a year ago in February (February of 2017) an incident with my friend and her family allowed the flood gates of my anxiety to fly open and my anxiety went hay wire. I couldnt leave the house, I had nausea all the time I lost a bunch of weight from not eating very much, my grades suffered (yeah not the best thing for my junior year of highschool woo hoo) and my health pretty much declined (My periods even stopped coming it was so bad) and eventually I was put on Buspar. After taking the correct dosage of the medicine over 2 days I realized yeah I do not want to be on medication. I stopped my medicine (I was only on it for 2 days it couldnt have done any damage) and begun my process of healing myself naturally with like Yoga and essential oils and such. So far it has been working but I still have my bad days.

ANYWAY the summer after everything had happened with my friend our friendship fell apart, words were said, arguments were had and it just wasnt pretty. I was still a wreck at this point but after we fell apart I surrounded myself with positivity. However, that was when the deja vu started. My friends, my mom, and my therapist told me that it was most likely because of my anxiety and I will say that I tends to happen more when I am anxious. I would also get dizzy easily. But we chalked that up to my glasses mixed in with my anxiety. I went to the eye doctr who did an entire look over of my eyes! She too has anxiety as well as a daughter with anxiety so she decided to just do a complete once over on me. She dilated my eyes, looked around in my eye, had me follow her finger tips tested my peripheral, pretty much everything. And by the end of the tests she told me that optometrists are one of the first doctors who diagnose brain tumors of any kind. She said that my eyes were perfectly healthy and there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with them. So I guess I would have to believe her on that one. That visit I ended up getting my glasses looked at to make sure they werent broken or anything and come to find out I had wrong type of material for my lenses. I have very bad eye sight so my lenses are really thick. With the type of lenses my frames came with were cheaper lenses they had a weird curvature so they changed the lenses and now I can see even better than before and barely any dizzy spells unless I am super nervous (Which is pretty normal for anxiety patients I guess :/)

Also my homeroom teacher is a psychiatric ER nurse at night (which means she is the nurse that tends to the patients who come in for mental reasons, such as anxiety attacks and such) as well as a nursing teacher during the day at my high school. She has been doing this for 25 years so I have to believe her. I told her about my deja vu spells and she told me that the spells were most likely my anxiety. Since the human body knows what its afraid of my anxiety will use deja vu as my "trigger" for an anxiety attack. She told me that when I do get the deja vu feeling to just keep breathing like I would for anxiety and if it goes away quickly that means its just anxiety! Which it does! Once I get my mind off of it like right away the feeling go straight away. But if I let it linger I start getting really anxious and i sometimes even get anxiety attacks.

So what do you guys thing...could all of this be a brain tumor?

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Hi plushiesaremyjam, I totally agree with the psychiatric ER nurse in that anxiety can be display in many ways. For you it happens to come as a deja vu spell. For myself, I have weird dreams that I am able to interpret as a sign that I am overstressed and what my subconscious is really trying to tell me. I don't think of it as a medical reason for happening but a psychological one in helping us to find the answer to our stress. The deep breathing will help you refocus your energy into positive thoughts. Confirmations are positive ways of telling your mind that you are safe, you are okay and to continue forward. Never allow anxiety to stop you in your tracks. You are never alone xx

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I'm waiting for the paperback to come out on this one too🤔

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