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I’m feel very low and completely alone. My anxiety has got so bad again lately and the only person who I rely on is going away on holiday so I’m alone with my daughter. She looks up to me and I’m not strong enough to be the mum she needs. I started my first dose of Sertraline yesterday as I just can’t get through this without some help I’ve tried. I know it takes time to work but I’m praying that it will help me. I feel lost and scared I don’t want to go out but I don’t want to stay in. I have no close friends either. I should lead my daughter to be strong and confident and happy but I’m dying inside and struggling to hide it. Everything seems so big and scary all the time. There is no rest bite from it it’s constant now which is exhausting.

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Hi there you need to stop feeding your fear and distract yourself, read a book to your daughter, play games with her or go for a walk with her if you can, listen to music or do a puzzle. You need to take control of your thoughts and ride it out when you get those feelings. I know they are uncomfortable but I have learnt mostly to ignore the feelings and just get on with it. You are strong enough to be the mum your daughter needs as you getting up in the morning is the first step. Do you have family nearby?

Im having major anxiety past three days, having all sorts of physical symptoms and loads of irregular beats. Scares the hell out of me.

Onlyfools, you have done the right thing in going for a med, I have heard many good reports about how effective Setraline is but as you know it can take a month or so before you feel the full benefit. I say you have done the right thing because you have a child to look after and you felt overwhelmed by your bad feelings. You made the right decision.

Don't say you're not strong, people with anxiety disorders are among the bravest in the world, they have to be!

The reason for your anxiety is that your nervous system has become overwhelmed by worry, stress, over-work and/or disappointment. When our nerves can take no more they become over sensitive and start sending us the bad feelings and symptoms we know so well.

Sensitised nerves are kept sensitised by the fear hormone we are constantly generating. Fear and the fear of fear. If we can learn to control our fear and remain calm in the face of all the symptoms then we give our nervous system a chance to recover.

You aren't going to feel this way for ever, I promise, learn everything you can about anxiety during the period of respite that Setraline will give you. Do keep us informed of how things go with you, we are all here for you.

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