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For the past 3 years I been having this weird sensation in the middle of my chest it feels like a strong heart beat It happens ones and then it won’t happen again till maybe couple of days later I have been to the dr and had an ekg and echocardiogram and blood work but the dr keep saying I’m healthy and I’m fine. Two weeks ago I had left arm pain and I felt the big strong heart beat in the middle of my chest it freak me out so I went to the er they took my blood pressure did an ekg and had some blood work and they said I was fine that my heart is working fine I’m confuse I’m not sure what’s going on with me have anyone here had the same symptom? Plz let me know your experience I really appreciate it thanks!

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I know that exact feeling unfortunately.. I constantly have racing heartbeat out of the blue. I’ve had several EKGS and I just recently saw a cardiologist who stated that everything was fine. That was a relief to hear but it’s still there... anxiety has many strange feelings but I’m learning how to slow myself down when I feel my heart begin to race. I take deep breaths and remind myself that I’m ok.. hope you feel better soon.

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hey ! i get this, the first time i felt this was in may last year, i get them once off like you experienced and i also get them non stop for weeks straight all day long constant every couple of beats is a strong hard beat and i lose my breath and go very lightheaded when they are very strong. ive had tests done and every test ive had has been normal and ive been told its all just from anxiety, i notice i get them alot more when im nervous about something, or excited about something as it is caused by heart palpitations from adrenaline. If all your tests have come back fine, i can say it is just anxiety, i know its hard to believe that something like anxiety can cause something that scary but its true, and ive only started to come to terms with it now and its been nearly 1 year!


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