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Panic Attack and Anxiety! 🙈👀😓

🙌 Hi, I'm Charl! 1st post! 😊

I've been suffering with Panic Attacks and Anxiety now for around 3 years. I am now 25, it just seems to be getting worse! My doctor listens to my symptoms and just wants to give me medication but I feel this will just make me feel more on edge and more dizzy and disorientated taking anti-depressants or diazepam etc. My symptoms are just getting worse, I have panic attacks and anxiety while I am home and it gets worse when I leave the house. When I am in a busy place I start feeling spaced out, heart palpitations, confused and hot flushes and sometimes chest pains and breathless. I have a 5 year old little boy and as parents that may suffer with the same symptoms as me, it isn't practical to be having these symptoms and feeling this way when you have a child and have to be on the go and do school runs etc. It is getting to the point where me and my partner can't go out when we have a night away from our child because even going to a restaurant for a meal I start panicking then it makes me feel ill all night. I have panic attacks and anxiety daily, most days I feel disorientated continuously... On rare days I have really good days and feel great, (but these are getting rare nowadays.) As time has gone on, I did start to overcome my panic attacks and only had them once a day or a few times a week, but lately I feel it has got a lot worse and I am having them continuously and daily and all throughout the day infact.

My symptoms are:- Although they arent always together:-

Diorientated, spaced out, separated from myself, dizziness, fainting, confused, shakes, racing heart, headaches, eyes go blurry, shortness of breath, feeling sick, head feels heavy, no energy.

I have come on here to try and speak to others going threw the same as me and how you deal with it and how long it's been going on with yourselves.

Thank you for reading. C 💓

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I know you're scared of taking meds, but you might benefit from the right med. These symptoms probably will be habitual and will be tough to break. You might need a respite from them and some of us have really benefited from them. My wife is an er nurse and she takes Zoloft and I think it helped her a great deal. She gets up in the morning is happy to take on the day and functions perfectly. She has very little side effects. It even started working quickly, which is unusual cause it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Good luck



Please don’t suffer like this, I know what you are going through. I have been taking medication and have also been to therapy on and off when needed since I was 25. I didn’t want to take medication and I have tried to get off medication a few times, in the past twenty years, unfortunately it is something I have to take and have come to accept it, it’s genetic in my case. You would not expect a diabetic person to be ok without their medication or any one else suffering from an illness. It is not a weakness and I understand your concerns, and hopefully in your case it will be a temporary need for medication. Just know there are so many options available to you. Cognitive therapy is definitely helpful. Don’t give up and do what is best for you. There is hope and help and sometimes medication can be beneficial. Voice all your concerns with your doctor.

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Hi, Charlotte

I have just about the same symptoms you do. I get shortness of breath, heart palpitations and the feeling of being sick. It can be really scary sometimes especially if I have to be at work or out in public. That being said, seeing a doctor did help somewhat. I went into the ER one day because my heart palpitations were just becoming too much (happening multiple times through out the day, almost every day) and I was afraid there was something seriously wrong with my heart. I had a chest x-ray, EKG, blood work and my thyroid checked and everything came back normal. I was told it was just anxiety. My primary doctor ended up prescribing me with propranolol which helped the palpitations subside (I still get them every now and again but not nearly as much as before). With medication, I understand where you're coming from. I took the medication prescribed to me but I've always been afraid that it may make my anxiety worse or that I would rely on it so much that I simply wouldn't be able function without it. Still, take your doctor's advice into consideration because it does help. Even if you feel like it won't, maybe consider giving the medication a try for a few weeks anyways and if you still don't feel like there's any change, try something else. Being happy and less anxious is the goal, so be open to trying something that may help. On and ending note, try to remember that you're not alone. It can be scary when you feel like you're the only one experiencing these symptoms but a lot of people go through it everyday and talking to others does help. ☺


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