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Anxiety and oral contraceptive pill

Just want to know if anyone else has A link to the pill and their anxiety, I stopped taking my pill 3-4 months ago. I never really had much anxiety but it started about the time I started the pill, since stopping I’ve become better but it wasn’t as simple as just not taking the pill and magically feeling better. Just want to know anyone else’s experiences/thoughts and if anyone one knows of any link between the pill and heightened anxiety :)

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I've never taken the pill, but your thoughts are right on track I think. Since the pill is hormonal, it can definitely factor into anxiety.

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I actually had a REALLY bad experience with the Nuva ring a while back. The hormones didn't mix well with my existing anxiety & depression. I cried just about all day for two weeks and missed work since I couldn't care for myself or think properly. Went to see my GP and they told me to take it out asap. It took a few months for me to get back to my old self and that's when I decided to ban any and all birth control lol.


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