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Anxiety about blood work !!

Im a 22 yr. Old Female. I've been having some health problems that ended up making my Dr want to look into more. Which made me a little worried. He scheduled me a colonoscopy. And had some blood work done. Which then told me that Dr. For the colonoscopy will call me to set up an appointment and if they don't call in a day or so to call them. I've called twice and it's going ok two weeks they keep telling me someone will call in a day or two. And they don't ? Should I be upset or worried? Also I got my blood work back and it shower that my C reactive Protein is sky rocketed at 18.0 when it should only be between 0-3.. and my WBC is 10.2 when the very highest it should be is 10 and my RBC is almost at a 6 when the very highest it should be is a 5. So I called my Dr to ask hey should I be worried about these results and nothing. Haven't heard a word back from anyone.. idk if I'm just being paranoid. I hate calling so much because I don't want to seem buggy or nagging but I just don't know how to react and why would I get my results with no explanation to them. Anyone have any advice?

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Easier said than done but try to remember 'no news is good news'...if you were in any health-danger they would be calling you. So, take comfort in that they haven't rushed you in hospital! Your WBC is only slightly raised...assuming that's white blood cell count? Your C reactive protein is a marker for inflammation which would tie in with a slighty raised white cell points possibly to a mild infection. You must remember I'm not a doctor...I'm just someone looking at it with a clear head...the worry can cloud your judgement...and I know this because I worry about test results too. XX

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