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Is it anxiety or a real problem???

Hi everyone as you know I'm dealing with a choking phobia,as you may also know I have generalized anxiety disorder,panic attacks as well as GERD which is gastroesophageal reflux disease. Well I was spitting up acid for 4 months until the other day my husband got me some acid medication,I still spit up every so often but its like maybe a quarter size lump of acid and burns like hell. Well my throat feels hard of swallowing every so often a little like I'm going to vomit and so hard of breathing but not all the time. I'm worried that my esophagus could be shrunk but my husband and in-laws say that it is just my anxiety and it would take a lot more than 4 months of acid to do that much damage. Can anyone help me?

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Anxiety is horrible maybe it’s a mix of both?

I believe sometimes it can be

I went through a choking phobia it sucked and anxiety really makes it worse try to keep calm it’s okay


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