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Worried about my mum

Hi everyone I’m worried about my mum, she had some blood tests done a week ago and on Friday she had a phone call from the doctor advising her to have her blood taken again in 2 weeks.

I’m scared there might be something wrong but the doctor didn’t say anything else other than my mum to come back in 2 weeks and have her blood taken again.

What could this mean?

Any advice would be very much appreciated, thank you.

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Try not to worry over this, as it may be because the sample was corrupted in some small way. And as a precaution a new sample is required.This has probably happened to lots of people,as i know it's happened to one of my samples.Its actually ongoing in one of my ct scans at this time,because of scarring by a previous surgery i've had,as its corrupted the last scans picture.

Very best wishes.


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hi try not to worry to much.if something was wrong then the doctor would have been in touch before she had to call for the results.

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It sounds like they are just making sure she is well. How is she now? And what happened with your esa? I've had nothing but trouble with mine. X


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