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Chest pain when exercising

Does anyone else with anxiety get Chest pain when exercising its really weird I do feel a bit anxious before the exercise sometimes my left arm to but what I found is when I move my left arm back then there's pain again so maybe that's that sorted I also get jaw and back pain but that's rare and when I'm under a lot of stress does this sound normal all doctors say is anxiety anxiety anxiety had a heart echo and loads of blood tests and about 20ecgs all normal but with sinus tachycardia and sinus arrhythmia I'm so worried also I've noticed one if my hands r colder than the other I searched that and its coming up heart blockage :( :( I'm 19 and really skinny if this helps thankyou

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It would be pretty rare at 19 to have a heart blockage. It takes the wrong diet and many years to get to that point. I would believe in your doctor saying it's all anxiety caused. It may be more muscular skeletal pain that you are feeling because of being so skinny. You don't have enough muscle mass and so in exercising it's bone against bone and nerves.

Did the doctor say you should be exercising in being so thin?? As for one hand being colder than the other, sometimes that because of a pinches nerve in your shoulder or neck area. If it continues, there are nerve conduction tests that you can have done to see if that is causing the colder hand, but it is not a heart issue. xx

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This helped a lot about the heart blockage thanks a lot :D

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