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Anxiety Chest And Arm Pain


Anyone Else Get Chest And Left Arm Pain From Anxiety.... EVEN WHEN YOUR NOT ANXIOUS 😔. All My Test For My Heart Have Come Back Normal And The Hospital Treats Me So Bad. I Was Given Nitroglycerin And Its The Only Thing That Helps Sometimes. Why Give Me Nitro If Its Not My Heart. I'm So Lost Scared And Confused.

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I am seeking answers currently for the same thing. Mostly left side chest, shoulder, and arm pain. Rarely on the right, though when that happens simple stretches help immediately. Stretching doesn't help the left side stuff though but I've started yoga recently anyway. What worries me especially, is the weird left arm pain. It have it's been going on for a long time now, like a year, and I can't pin down a cause. I had basic EKG and blood work done a year ago with no problems found. The onset of the pain... It's so random. I also suffer from stomach issues, stuff that feels like it could be heart burn but it's never quite how others describe it. I've had digestive issues like mild IBS, lactose intolerance, and removal of diseased Sigmund colon from diverticulitis four years ago...and anxiety my whole life. I try to eat better than I already do, such as more fiber, but it gives me severe, stabbing lower abdomen gas pain.

I really don't think it's my heart though sometimes it feels like it could be and then that triggers anxiety, especially because of the arm pain. My primary doc assures me it's all anxiety related, but I don't know... Something is off, or feels worse than that. The pain does subside with alcohol and Xanax ( not together of course). I don't feel weird after exertion, but do try to take it easy most of the time just in case. He could be right all along about it just being anxiety though... Since I have to talk myself out of worrying about my heart when this happens.

Tomorrow I have my first visit with a cardiologist. Later this month, I'm getting my first endoscopy and colonoscopy. I tried to tell the doctor that the anxiety seems to come after the symptoms, not the other way around. He finally referred me those specialists, so we'll see. I'm really thinking I have something wrong with my esophagus from chronic GERD, or even my vagus nerve could be out of wack from years of anxiety, Rhoemheld Syndrome possibly. Because of the colon surgery a few years ago, I often wonder about my vagus nerve even more.

I'm only 36, my diet isn't horrible, I'm skinny for my height, but have smoked since 2001 and an currently quitting. I really hope it's not the heart.

I would find a new caregiver. Hospitals are patient factories, at least in the US. No tenderness what so ever, which is important if you call yourself a healer. In fact, I find it rare to interact with a doctor or nurse who still seem to enjoy helping people. They are all so tired and jaded. Healthcare in the US is cold.

I didn't mean to talk about me the whole time. When I get results, I'll share anything useful that could help you.

I would have been twenty minutes early for my cardiologist appointment. However, The GPS took me to a hospital. So I drove around, looking for the heart place and ended up at one a few streets over. It wasn't the right one.

All of the health buildings in the area are packed in close together and I was expecting the heart institute to also have it's own building. Turns out, it was in the hospital that the GPS took me to, despite zero visible signs stating such.

So,.. I ended up fifteen minutes late and they wouldn't see me.

Yeesh. I guess I'll try again.

Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that, that's horrible. Literally went through the exact same thing with eye doctor today SMH you would think they would be more understanding that things happen but apparently not. I'm sorry to hear you're currently going through the same thing. It's definitely extremely scary. I have an appointment on the 14th with the cardiologist another appointment on the 21st to get another echo cardiogram and then another appointment on the 27th to have a second stress test done. Not sure why they're doing all these tests again but for some reason they've called me and told me the tests need to be done. Really not looking forward to it because the first stress test hurt pretty bad. They said it wasn't supposed to but it felt like an elephant with sitting on my shoulder. Really hoping for the best I try to tell myself also that is anxiety and something with my stomach I'm just not sure I get really bad heart palpitations and my heartbeat just feel so strong. The pain in my arm stays and now goes to my elbow also. Chest pains are like being stabbed with a knife 😔 Don't think I've ever been this scared of anything in my whole life. I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers and keep you updated on what's going on please do the same.

Good luck on your second bout of testing. It really could be gastric, nerves, and anxiety tightness. Especially if it's sharp and stabbing in some places or still and achy in others. It's hard not to think of worse case scenarios though. The arm pain part surely doesn't help, believe me, I feel your pain 😉

Try not to worry. Thoughts and feelings are not the same as reality. Here are some quick things that help soothe my mind and relax my body;

Whisper to your mind "shhhhhhh.... out will be okay" when it starts to race, just to drown out all those worrisome thoughts. Then smile and be grateful with yourself and your body for its responsiveness. Take seven, deep, full breaths in through both your diaphragm and upper chest, hold for three to five seconds, and let it out as slow as you can. Try and even yawn if you can. Listen to guided meditation videos on YouTube. A stretch routine also helps. That helps me a lot.

One thing I try hard to do, that a lot of people can't grasp, is to focus on the pain. Study it objectively. Let it hurt. Let it relax. Ignore the anxiety. Feel the blood pulsing through it. Know your body is working to heal it. Do this for at least twenty minutes.

This is easier said than done, but it also brings relief for me every. Single. Time. Except for headaches. I can't get it to work for headaches for some reason.

Thanks so much much. I will definitely give that a shot. Can stomach issues really cause chest and arm pain? Just really wish i knew what was going on. My life has changed so much in the past 2 and a half months. I'm always scared. I did manage my own store but now i barely work cause i don't want to be alone at the store and i miss alot of therapy with my son thats 3 and autistic because I'm scared to get out of bed and move around. That doesnt even really make a difference anymore because i hurt just laying in bed. So tired of hurting and worrying. Hoping to get answers soon. Praying it will eventually just stop and i can grow old and live a long happy stressfree happy life with my family. Best wishes to you.

You sound a lot like me so I feel inclined to continue to try and help and relate.

Yes. The vagus nerve is connected to the colon, through the stomach, esophagus, heart, shoulders, arms, neck, and head. Other nerves come into play as well. Pain doesn't work internally the same way it does on the outside if your skin. Pain, or just gas for example, in your colon can create pain nowhere near the colon, such as your jaw, shoulder, etc. Lots of people go to the ER and it's just gas. Or Anxiety!

So stomach pain can cause chest, shoulder, and arm pain, and also the other way around. The heart can cause gastric pain. This is why I'm trying to get the doctors to look into my heart, you're and lower gastro tracks, and vagus nerve, Roemheld syndrome, also known as gastrocardia, is what I currently think I need ruled out, or to be diagnosed with so I can make a treatment plan.

My gastroenterologist wants my heart checked first, before they put me to sleep for their own scoping. I guess my description of the pain made them want to be in the safe side. I'm rescheduled for the 21st this month.

People with anxiety tend to worry about pain more than most, and this in turn stresses and inflames our bodies more... and sadly, can cause a self fulfilling prophecy is you don't take action to quell the stress. It's best to try not to worry. Even if you passed out, from some mystery condition, that doesn't mean you'll drop dead. I would keep people near you if it's something you're worried about.

So I am with you. It's a pain that's hard to pin down. Keep me updated on your situation.. We will get through this together. Anxiety buddies.

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