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Conversation about anxiety and digestive tract

Replied to a question about panic-like attacks and anxiety that would occur concurrently with bowel movements/BMs that would begin almost always when I was laying down.

Does this happen to you? I thought for a few years that it was a heart issue, or then or was just gerd or my hiatal hernia. I also developed food sensitivities or allergies increasingly during this time. I realized that I was becoming bloated and that was creating pressure on my hernia and heart area, but I also became more intuned that this happened as the stool (I guess at that point?) was entering my lower digestive tract. It become clearer that the pressure or movement was triggering the anxiety. Physically. Like it touched a switch. Not that I detected the movement and mentally or emotionaly became anxious. I observed it very detached, yet felt the physical senation of anxiety. It’s hard to not get swept in and “feel” anxious and I didn’t always succeed but I knew this was mechanical. This didn’t happen every BM, only some, almost always lying down. Was there a nerve that was involved, activated and causing the anxiety? I've had some procedures that might or might not be involved.

A BM and a small amount of antianxiety meds have both helped, which seems consistent to me.

Why am I writing all this? ... Has anyone else experienced this? I need more clues. Every doctor I mention it to thinks it’s interesting but has never heard it before, even the gastroenterologist. I have seen one person who has said the same on a health board, but too many years had passed and I couldn’t find them,and they didn’t respond. HealthLine? I’d have to search my saved files for the name.

I am wondering what causes this trigger. A nerve? Is it damaged? What??


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