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Anyone have health anxiety? How do you overcome it?

I have always been anxious and suffered from generalised anxiety but the older I get ( I am 44) the more I suffer from health anxiety. It is taking over my life. I worry about every ache, pain and strange sensation. Every mark, bump and lump. It doesn’t help that I have IBS as well as anxiety, the more symptoms I get the more I stress then I obviously end up in a vicious cycle. My friends and family basically tell me to get a grip but that is so much more easier said than done when you have anxiety, it’s just not that black and white! I really do try to think positively and keep busy etc. I’m waiting to have some CBT via telephone and am hoping that will help ( although I have had CBT before with limited success).

I do everything I should do, I exercise, eat healthy, don’t smoke or drink yet I’m still wound up all of the time.

Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking like this, it’s so draining!

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RustyDog Your not alone I get exactly like how you describe.

Every pain bump or weird mark.

It is hard sometimes.. but recently I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a bit better about it

I actually just bumped my head it wasn’t a hard bump yet I still have pain... I’m trying to keep calm

I think I’ll be okay

And I’m sure you’ll be okay too🙂


I am exactly where you are. I have always had an anxious personality and when I was young it would come out as IBS-D. I am 44 and trying to convince myself that all my new little quirks are just normal aging. Other than having fibromyalgia there is nothing really wrong. Gave up drinking and smoking years ago to live longer, but I didn't realize it would be to live longer with all this anxiety. It gets better, I'm having a pretty OK week for once in a long time.


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