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Doctors frustrate me

OK just a rant because I am not crazy! Had to go back to the ER 2 days ago. My shingles rash came back after the antivirals so I went to a different ER and they were down right rude! The doctor wouldn't touch me acted like I had cooties. Talked to me about my shingles and then told me he didn't know what to do and left to consult another ER doctor came back with prednisone, visteril and neurotin. Told him the visteril (antihistamine) made my anxiety soar through the roof and he just shrugged his shoulders. He asked my underlying problems and I'm starting to wonder what to say because I said sever anxiety with depression, ibs, and fibromyalgia and he rolled his eyes and I swear he whispered one of these. Now I have been on everything except the visteril and I have roid rage and swelling and a headache from the neurotin. I just wish a doctor would listen to me like I'm not freaking nuts! I know what's going on I just can't stop my anxiety in its tracks which I guess makes me a crazy person to everyone. When will this ever be treated like the disease it is or when will I get treated with respect that I know what is going on, I don't sit there and drool and look insane so why is it OK for them to do this to their patients. 2 days left and I'm med free again....... Called my therapist I haven't seen since the first we of December due to kids sick my husband cutting his finger and my shingles and you know what he said, he closed my file 2 weeks ago when I hadn't been there for 3 weeks. Are you kidding me thrown out onto the streets to find another therapist to start over with after 3 years with the therapist I have to rehatch everything for someone else. Can you say I am taking a million steps back and now all I want is my ativan back because I could do it all when I was on it including work but they took me off for my self medicating (🚬). Sorry just feel like my life is slipping away and I'm just watching from the sidelines and my life goes to ruins. On a positive note, I am breathing and I see the new day!

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Doctors are often very unfeeling and unkind. It is a real problem. They do not understand patient's fears and concerns and just don't want to deal with them. I don't know what the remedy is, except maybe to find another doctor.

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I didn't understand why they took you off the ativan, when you felt much better on it?

When it comes to anxiety, some docs will look at you like your from an unheard of planet, with an unheard of illness.... it's humiliating. My trust for doctors has went completely down after seeing how they react to people with mental illnesses.

I hope you start feeling better and find a new therapist that can help you to feel better.

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