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I actually thought I was going to make it through a whole day without a panic attack. Some friends and family came over to celebrate my birthday. We were having a great time and I thought I was relaxed. Out of nowhere, I felt the palpitations. I tried to work through them the best I could. As soon as everyone left, they got much worse and I had an attack. It was still smaller than the ones I’d been having, but it was a panic attack none the less. I ALMOST had my husband take me to the Er. But I am tired of giving into these sensations. I didn’t go. I laid down on the couch and they finally went away. I’d say the palpitations lasted almost two hours. I could actually feel the skipped heartbeats in my wrist when taking my pulse. They’re gone now but I am so frustrated about the whole thing.

Maybe this frustration is a good thing? Maybe Not running to the ER is another good sign that I’m starting to take control and not give in to the fear? I know this is a process. I just want it to speed up and go away.

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Have you had your iron checked? Anemia can cause palpitations and I had palpitations that I thought was anxiety but was anemia

Jodi_S in reply to Hidden

Yes. I’ve had a lot of blood work lately and all my blood work is good. I should find comfort in that!

Sounds like you tried to do all the right things.. patience and time.. small steps!

Could of been just the excitement and anticipation of your birthday brining on the palpitations, plus thinking you were having a “good day” still signals that anxiety is at the back of your mind .. adrenaline pops up and hey presto... palpitations. Let it go/ pass give it no more thought.. it will be fine.

Jodi_S in reply to 1973m

Thank you.

I know it's easy for me to say but having palpitations and a panic attack give us the chance to practice accepting them which you did. You can't practice acceptance without them. Acceptance can't be switched on and off like a tap, it takes time to cultivate, if you only feel you're accepting it for 10% of the time and are fearful the other 90% that's a good start, it's called glimpsing.

Actually I'm getting missed beats at the moment, about one or two a minute that's all, we've a few worries about a grandson that's brought them on. I can't get excited about them so I can't claim that I'm practicing acceptance or being brave, they don't bother me. Easy to say when they're not all that frequent and not accompanied by panic attacks. I'm going to have a large rum I think.

Jodi_S in reply to Jeff1943

I hope all is well with your grandson.

Thank you, his brother comes out of prison in a month after 6 years but he's a better man than when he went in and the other brother and his wife are about to present us with a second great-grandson, at least life's not boring.

Just let them be their ! The more you think about them , the longer it will Seem to stay .

I’m not in anyway saying this to concern you and the fact you’ve had blood work done recently is definitely a positive sign, but this doesn’t to me sound like a panic attack from my experience. Two hours is a very long time for a panic attack to last, it sounds most unpleasant. Anxiety can, of course, also raise our heart rate without becoming a full blown panic attack. What treatment/help have you had for your anxiety and panic attacks?

Jodi_S in reply to EleanorRose

My panic attack only lasted a few minutes. The residual palpitations hung around a bit longer.

Do you know what ... You say you were having a 'great time'.... that's wonderful. say the sensation went away. Two things to focus on here....... you had a great time...... the symptoms passed. You didn't run to the E.R. I do remember actually getting a Panic Attack after realising I didn't have any symptoms....!!! I mean seriously !! so like a self fulfilling prophecy, I had a panic attack.... I have to admit that although I do get the rapid heart beating, I haven't experienced the missed beats. I can imagine they must be awful in the beginning. From what I have read, it's very very common in people who suffer from anxiety and panic. I used to think I was having skipped heart beats but I wasn't. Mine were a reaction to Lentils can you believe and they caused like an air bubble feeling in my chest and if I was taking my heart rate, sometimes they would mask over a beat and it felt like it was missing. I would (sorry bout this) force myself to burp.......and the sensation went away. Look lets face it... nothing is impossible. The whole panic anxiety thing and all the sensations are so over the top and so unbelievable that my lentils scenario just seems like another one to add to the list.

I actually can look back and laugh, not at myself, but at how our body and our mind can feel like they betray us. You know there was a time where I didn't recognise myself. My mind and body just seemed like strangers. I knew myself so well and nothing was a surprise, then suddenly out of the blue, a panic attack. Things that I didn't know I was capable of .... things my mind did that I didn't recognise, trying to escape from myself. Feeling like the world was spinning... feeling like I HAD to escape.... This was an ENORMOUS threat to me.

When you learn how to relax, when you get the all clears from doctors and believe them, when you accept that we do change and we have to re adjust our thinking and our strategies in life, when we learn to let go, we move on to the other side. It does happen, change is good. You are tougher than you think.

Jodi_S in reply to saturn2k

I do know I will get better. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life this way. I refuse to do it. I need to be happy and here emotionally for my family. I am frustrated, but I am strong. I will, some way, some how, learn how to beat this thing. I have a therapist appointment in the morning and am looking forward to her insight. I have never let anything beat be and I’ll be darned if anxiety will do it!

Thank you for the reassurance. I like to hear personal experiences from people who have come out the other side. Make knowing that this too shall pass seem like an attainable goal.

Wonderful. So happy you are going to a therapist. That takes enormous courage and strength. Keep us updated will you ?

Jodi_S in reply to saturn2k

I certainly will. I have to go. I haven’t been able to figure this out on my own so I need help.

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