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Difficulty with Physical Activity?

Since I was 19 I had problems with physical activity . When I got therapy my problems with energy and physical activity went away but since my anxiety came back so did my difficulty and fear and physical activity.

I feel have adrenal fatigue, tired all the time and my heart beats quickly hard with little physical activity. When I used to try to work out, after a workout I would get these serious headaches, eye ache, fatigue for days, irritability etc. I would feel TERRIBLE.

I went out to shovel snow and my anxiety is through the roof. I get terrified about fatigue/exhaustion. I just feel like it means that im a sick person. It feels like im gonna die and I never do.

I do have thyroid but my levels are fine and doc says its fine. I don't have any other conditions. I have health anxiety so trust me I went to the doctor millions of times or the same reasons.

Even though I know I don't have nth serious health wise, I still think smith will happen to me and the way I feel physically does not help. Im not able to work out because of this.


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