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Anxiety in my life

I am in my late teenage years and I have dealt with anxiety throughout my whole life. Usually, it comes on and off throughout months or years of time and lasts for a long period of time until I learn how to deal with it and it goes away..until the next time something triggers it to come back and make me repeat the cycle again. Anxiety is my biggest battle right now. I find it very hard to live my life and do the things I love doing. Some days I can barely bring myself out of my bed to do anything. My bed seems like the only place I can feel calm and safe. I force myself to go out and hangout with friends and family because it is the only thing that will take my mind off of my anxiety, but sometimes it is too much to bare and I find myself not able to leave my home. I find myself randomly getting extremely nervous for no reason at all, and am unable to calm myself down. I feel sick everyday, some days more than others, and I feel like I have forgotten what it’s like to feel good/normal.

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I know exactly how you feel. Have you talked to a psychiatrist? It probably would help you.

Just know you’re not alone


I’m at the point where I need medication to beat my anxiety and depression. Try an ssri or a benzo if u have panic attacks. I have anxiety without panic attacks and sometimes in so hopeless I cry for no reason and isolate myself.


Hi there i thought you were writing my.life story i have had anxiety which as you say seems to affect you in cycles do you find your anxiety is worse during the winter months is sounds like seasonal defective disorder which is not helped by the earlier dark nights ! Have you seen your doctor for some advice or short term medication ! A course of cbt theraphy might also help the fact you are forcing your self to go out with your friends and family is quite common staying in your bed is another way of you find you feel safe it sounds like you may also have a touch of depression please go and see your doctor and get help as soon as you can all the best david


Typically my anxiety is worse around winter months because there is less things to do for it being so cold out. Many things trigger my anxiety such as something as tiny as the flu season during the winter. Usually during summer my anxiety is not as bad because I can relax outside and I am a swimmer, where I practice outside in the summer, and it helps me take my mind off of my anxiety. I have not talked to a doctor about my anxiety but it has been something I have been thinking about and strongly considering.


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