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Too anxious to do some things and it’s getting worse. What should I do?


I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a while now and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m too scared to talk to people about it and I get so upset when people don’t understand. My mum keeps on talking about counselling but if I’m too scared to talk to people I don’t really see how that’s going to work.

It’s getting to a point where I can’t sleep because I’m kept awake by my anxiety. Sometime I don’t even know what I’m anxious about but it’s always there and never goes away. I’m so fed up of being scared and anxious but I can’t make it stop.

I can’t go to sleep without music because it’s too quiet and makes me anxious without music.

I’m too anxious to go to the bus stop and get the bus because I’m afraid of missing the bus and looking like and idiot when I have to get my mum to pick me up. My mum has to drive me into school and back

I’m petrified of the dark and loud noises and often end up scared by a car horn or even just the door slamming in a classroom.

I can’t get in a car without constantly checking how fast we’re going and what other drivers are doing, and tightening my seatbelt. (This is probably due to a crash where my dad was driving and we got t-boned by a lorry on a roundabout nearly a year ago)

I have to turn on all the lights on in the house and check behind doors for anything.

I can’t do public speaking. At all. Not even infront of my class. I can’t talk to teachers and when I’m forced to do public speaking at school I can never breathe properally because I’m concentrating on what I’m saying too much.

There is a bunch of other things that I can’t do or am too afraid to do but I think I’ll cut it short. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve gone to the doctors and they said pretty much nothing. I’ve got a doctors appointment coming up soon but I’m worried that I’m going to be too anxious to talk to them about all of this. Any suggestions on what to do?

Jess x

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Write down everything you just said for the doctor. That way you can read off the list to them, or they can just read it for you. Or even your mom could read it to them. You’ve already taken a big step by telling us your fears! Things will get better. This group is great for support and encouragement.


What ashame for you to be so young and feel so bad but i agree with Krn210 said write it all down that way u wont forget half of it if u feel overwelmed speaking to the docotor and also maybe a good idea to get outside help like a psychologist as they dont judge and are there to listen. X


Hi I hope this help try the Coinselling I did and never looked back!Ex nurse it does really work🤗


You wrote it all down perfectly above.

Krn is right. Just print this off or screen shot it and take it to the counselor your mum suggests.

The accident from last year might be your trigger so KNOW that you will be fine with some good help from a professional.

No worries, SO DON'T talk to the counselor, bring in this paper, go with your mum, and give it a go. ALLof us on her really get it.

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