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Are we ever healed??

I realized when I started having panic attacks that I have suffered from some form of anxiety most of life. Which is 48 years young I use different technique often and they work to calm my busy mind & heart My question is...

How do I know I'm better??

I still have times I'm anxious But I am able to calm down & go on But i feel like I'm only fooling myself and the next step i take I could fall off that mountain again Can an anxious person ever have true peace of mind??

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How do you know your better? Hmm. An interesting question. I asked the same thing and I can honestly tell you...you will know. I've been good now for over 10 years and I realised that what I call 'wobbles' were few and far between. I wasn't confident enough to think "yes it's over" bcas for us....its always there..lurking. It's like it's fused in our dna. I felt better....no more, no less. There wasn't a celebration, there wasn't a "yesss it's over" I just knew I'd got thro my mental bridge and reached the light at the other end. Ohhh I still have wobbles. For instance my father died 11 years ago and it's his bday on the 31st December...mine was on the 17th so we would have a joint bday. I had a rough childhood and my mother a narcissist. My father gentle tho and couldn't stand up for me thro fear for himself. I adored him nevertheless. For whatever reason...im dreading it this year. I'm not expecting a wobble but I know how I feel. I did however have a mini one this morning. Does this mean I still have anxiety and depression? No. It doesn't. I used to have panic attacks daily. I didn't leave the house for 7 years. I lost my hair, I gained 8 stone in weight bcas I was so low. I took one good day over 10 years ago and I ran with it. If you have more good days than bad....if you cope with things that you once couldn't....if you use the techniques you learnt when you do have a wobble...and they work...these are all indicators that yes...you may have come thro the other side. And if you have....wow...be proud. It's not easy and people don't realise just bcas we are better...it has been hard work and we still fight to stay this way. I work....i got my hair back and I lost 8 stone and more importantly...i found me. I wish you all the best....dont become complacent...thats not personal, I say it to myself daily. Yes you will have wobbles but you will cope with them...and if you don't, go for help because we know...we do don't we? Where it can go if we don't!!!. Janie x


Thank you Very encouraging words And yes I do have more good days than bad so I’m Winning

God Bless you this holiday season

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And to you. Yes you are winning....keep believing in yourself and be proud of yourself too. Take care. Janie 😊

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