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Health anxiety is taking over my life

Just got a new water bottle from Amazon with a metal mesh infuser in it. I put frozen berries in it and drank some water. My mouth seems like it's tingling a bit now. It could be because I also drank some lemonade and my lips are chapped I guess. I hate worrying so much about my health. This morning I was convinced I had the stomach flu and would pass out, when all I had was heartburn. Someone, anyone have any words of advice? I just want to relax for a little while without being sure that I'm having an allergic reaction, or a stroke, or anything else dire....every day at work I get dizzy and worry I'm dying or will faint and that I'll have to go home. Most days I stay but it's exhausting!

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I struggle with health anxiety too! I’m battling it know as I type! So I know exactly how your feeling right now. It’s not easy I think the best thing you can do is maybe Try distract yourself from those thoughts I emphasize on TRy beacuse even that’s not easy you mind always somehow finds it’s way back to those horrible irrational scenarios.

Hope I made sense?

Please don’t worry friend we’ll be okay :)

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I have health anxiety also. I'm pretty heavily medicated for that and just general anxiety. Words my Dr told me that stuck with me - "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses; not unicorns"

Therapy has really helped me think logically. Like my hand hurts. Wtf, I have hand cancer.. that's where my mind goes. No, self, you were just mixing the shit out of some pancake batter and thats why your hand hurts. Try to thing logically.

Also, maybe try mindfullness. I think that's what it's called. Distract yourself with anything. Sewing helps me. And tapping. Left Right left right on your knees. And, cliche, I know, but deep breathing. Takes me about a minute and a half to do 10 deep deep slow breaths. "Smell the roses, blow out the candle".

Most importantly - do not Google.



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