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Been a long time. It’s not a bad thing to ask for help.

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Just signed up and have had anxiety/depression for a LONG time. About 10 years ago got so bad I finally got medical help. And it did help! So much were after about a year I stop taking the meds and starting to deal with it myself. Well, it’s all back in full force. Meeting with a head doctor for meds and also a therapist. I will not let this beat me. We all here see this is very common and there is help. Reach out to me if anyone needs to talk. I’m WIDE AWAKE right now feeling some anxiety. Trying to channel this feeling somewhere else instead of my own head. Take care.

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Hi Anxietywontbeatme, You have a positive attitude and a positive name which will take you far. Welcome to the Anxiety Support Forum. Everyone is at different stages of anxiety but we learn from each other's experiences in their journey. Anxiety can come and go during our life. And you are right, it's not bad to reach out for help. After 10 years you know when you need that little extra help to get through and that's okay. You'll get back once more to handling it on your own through other methods.

I left my meds behind several years ago however I never miss a day without doing meditation or deep breathing. That has replaced my meds for now. Should the time come that I hit a boulder in the road, I wouldn't hesitate to reach out for help. You can be a great asset to the forum with your positivity. Good Luck. Looking forward to your posts. :)

Thank you for the advance and kind words.

My journey was also. Deep in anxiety and panic and thought it was the end.

Then went for therapy, used some meds for a time, was slowly taken off it. Then used the techniques I learned and developed my own thought technique.

This was long ago and I still got some panic attacks, but luckily I managed it, by the grace of God.

When they come it is so sudden and unexpected!

Thx Anxietywontbeatme for the positive input!

Sucks that we have to go through this. But, I believe we have this to take us places other people won’t go. In a positive way.

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