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Finding it hard to stay at my boyfriends place

Over the past 2 months I’ve been finding it really hard to stay at my boyfriends place. (He lives with his parents and sisters)

It’s started small and then got worse pretty quick, I’d normally get a little anxious staying the night and having dinner but nothing I couldn’t handle.

I started to feel abit nauseous while having dinner and I’d be anxious and shakey and a little light headed, but not long after I went to bed or laid down I’d be feeling much better. Because of the nausea I’d find it hard to eat dinner.

One night I stayed over and when I woke up I felt sick in the stomach and light headed, this really scared me because now I’m like if this has happened once it can happen again, since that morning about 2 months ago, I’ve only stayed over for one night and I’ve only had one meal which was Christmas lunch I barely ate because I was worried about being nauseous and anxious.

He’s asked me to stay over tomorrow night and I want to stay, but I don’t want to deal with the stupid anxiety that comes with staying there and having dinner :(:(:(

Any tips or tricks on how to not feel anxious or how to cope with the anxiety and nauseous when I have dinner there or when I get up in the morning??

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You should go over so your body can get use to it ... i didn’t like coming over my gf house now i don’t wanna leave lol


I know what you mean lol, I always stayed there before, use to stay there for like 5 nights in a row, now I struge to spend longer than ten minutes there :(


Go over there and breathe. Let him know your feeling the way you do. He can help you to feel more relaxed. If he's there, personally that would help me. Tell yourself you're safe and nothing can hurt you. Good luck!


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