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Panicking about pain in lung area

Hi all, I am new here.

I have suffered with anxiety for years and had all symptoms you could think of. Most recently I have had breathing anxiety - constant tight chest and obsessing over breathing non stop for about 2 months. Eventually I managed to get my anxiety under control and i have been back to normal for the past few weeks. I have e always had a sharp pain once in a while in my lung area that goes away very quickly, I've heard it's usually a trapped nerve that can cause that. The past couple of weeks I've been getting the sharp pain in lung area that goes away after a minute or so but I woke up this morning with pain in both lungs that got worse when I take a deep breath. It's still hurting now and it's been about an hour, it's freaking me out so badly I'm panicking. I'm thinking about calling 111 but I've heard terrible things about their service. GP is closed today. I'm 24 by the way. I take citalopram I've been prescribed propranolol for anxiety but I haven't actually taken it. I'm sure I'm making my symptoms worse by panicking but anything to do with my chest area just sends me into crisis mode. Anyone got any advice? Thank you

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I have had similar problems in the past. I've suffered from Anxiety and Panic Disorders for over a decade now and am still struggling. For this specific symptom though, I've recently started using a diffuser with Eucalyptus oil in it. Obviously, if you're allergic or have trouble with strong scents, I'd take this one a bit easy. Eucalyptus is the smell that makes Vick's Vapor Rub so distinguishable. It really helps open airways and, even if your symptoms are psychosomatic (like mine) it really seems to help. I also use a lot of mint, mostly for my nausea, which seems to help the feeling of clearing my airways. I hope this helps you! Let me know what you think!


Thank you for your suggestions they are really helpful :) I will definitely give them a go!


I think it depends on the person. I don't have health anxiety but do suffer severe anxiety at times in my life. Medications have always given me terrible side affects and I've only had luck with Ativan and Klonopin and even those sometimes stop working or have small side affects. I'm sorry I'm not much help but if you feel comfortable and like you have a good support system around you to try a new medicine and no one will give you a bad time or be suspicious of you if you don't like it then it may be worth a try. The propananol I thought gave me relief in my chest so if your only experiencing chest discomfort it may release those symptoms may get better. It brought on terrible side affects for me and yet people who don't care or understand tell you that's ok and that it will possibly get better if you up the dose, I was told this long ago and I think that's a bunch of bull. Side affects like that can kill you. I'm not trying to scare you but I have dealt with this anxiety for years and had become an expert at it before others screwed it all up. As much as an expert I can be but more just for myself because I do not know how bad it is for you or how much pain physically your in. I do not know how you feel or how awful it is for you unless you tell me and I know it's not what most want to tell others, we all want to be symptoms and pain free and happy yes. I'd just start it if your really bad off and not getting better because if it helps then that would be great but if you experience side affects then you must be weened off and no one understands, well a few doctors I've had got the fact that anxiety is dangerous to the organs, mind and focus and quality of life. Some know that it's not safe to have your heartbeat irregular and your brain under such distress and symptoms that can cause a stroke or anurysym. Don't let people tell you it's not dangerous because no one's body can be like that all day and night and it's not in your head unless you really don't have symptoms and if you know you are then you are. You must have a good doctor who will allow you to try a medicine but not force ones upon you that make you worse or that tell you it will be worse before better. Dangerous side affects are the same for all it isn't ok to take someone who has side affects off a medicine in every situation you ever know of except ones with anxiety. Try it but if it makes you sicker stop taking it. SIDE AFFECTS KILL. IM NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU BUT THEY DO. You are no different than any human being who needs medication that works and not that makes you worse.


Thanks. I have taken it twice in the past, I never had any side effects from Propranolol. My citalopram I have been on for 2 years and never had very bad side effects with that. I haven't taken the propranolol as I think I can handle this without it. I'm not in constant distress I just experience periods of high anxiety, I have just bought my first house which is a big change, I've never dealt that well with change so it has flared it up a bit. I am adjusts wary of trying too many medications, I just stick to the ones I know work well for me


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