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Nervous about Xmass shopping

I was hoping to be able to have my Christmas food shop delivered so i don’t have to brave the supermarkets but there aren’t any deliveries left so looks like I will have to go myself.

I’m bad enough grocery shopping anyways but I know it’s going to be hectic at this time if year and I am dreading it.

I’m in the middle of getting ready to go atm and I’m really feeling the anxiety building up.

Any tips on how to get through this without freaking out and running for the exit?

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Hi Amanda....yes I have actually got a few tips altho not all conventional lol. It is an extremely stressful time going Christmas shopping....food, gifts or indeed just window shopping and yes at this time if you aren't already booked in for a delivery this time last year....forget it!. It's essential you try and go on a good day(yes I know they are rare but you will know what I mean by a 'good' day). If this isn't possible then make sure you are warm and comfortable(unless you live in a country where you don't need Mr Frost nipping up ones coat) and take a deep breath. I usually find a mantra helps and prepare for this before you leave. So....lets say for instance there's hundreds of ppl all pushing and shoving and you freeze. You feel you need to get out of there NOW!!. Deep breath thro your nose and count slowly to 4 and out thro your mouth...slowly and mentally count to 8. Ie 1....2....3...4...mouth...5...6...7...8. I know you aren't stupid but sometimes it helps seeing it. When you are then able...get yourself to a seat or if strong enough to carry on...repeat words that are comforting to you. "I'm going to be ok...im going to be ok". Have a list of exactly what you need also. This saves on time and also rushing to find things. Take your time and don't rush....its important your breathing stays ok. If it gets too much....pretend none of them have clothes on(the unconventional bit?!?!)...or they are all dressed as Santa's elves..or chippendales(erase that thought actually lol). Believe this or not...it works!!!. Another is pretend to take a call on your phone...noone knows and you can say whatever you like without ppl thinking you are talking to yourself...this is like a distraction to your thoughts. I'm not mad no...but all these have worked for me thro some scary times just after 7 years of agoraphobia. Hope you get on ok....take care. Janie

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Maybe go at midnight when you'll have the store to yourself, big supermarkets are open 24 hours except Sundays.


Thank you for the advice it means alot. But i’m done and back home now wasn’t really as bad as I thought it’s mainly the bulid up I bring on myself before I leave.

There was a power cut half way through shopping which gave me and the other shoppers and staff something to natter about whilst waiting for the electrics to come back on.

Glad it’s all done and out the way.


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