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Celexa and potassium

This is only my 3rd day on Celexa.. but I went and looked it up on the internet. I know I shouldn't have but I gotta know. Anyways it said that be careful taking it if you have low potassium levels.

Every time that I've gone to the ER.. which was literally 10 times this year.. I've had super low potassium. Twice I had to be on IV drip potassium. Scary scary stuff

Anyways... I really don't want to take this if the list of side effects is way worse than what's going on with me. I mean I want to get better obviously. But at what cost

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Agreed. Call your doc maybe they can monitor your levels if you wish to continue. Better to be safe. ❤️


Well drink milk, that has plenty of potassium in it and also bananas, eat those too.


I was actually going to mention after seeing your post about smelling burning if you had recently changed or started any medication. Many times these weird behaviors or experiences are linked to the medication that we are taking. Typically it is a reaction to the medication and not everyone has the same reaction. Sometimes it is listed and sometimes it isn't. That is why there is usually a time period where they observe the symptoms and see how it progresses in case that medication isn't for you. Or in this case if you have a vitamin deficiency it can also cause weird side effects, especially when mixed with a changing diet or medication. It all depends on how your body is breaking the chemicals or nutrients down.


Definitely let your doctor know any concerns you have. I have bloodwork every 3-6 months depending on whether I cancel or not. He may be aware. Never assume so. One of my doctors just started me on a new Med. When I went for my follow up with my regular doctor he said it interacts with another Med I’m on. Sometimes I think we can know too much. My mom’s doctors tell me that all the time. She has a bad heart. There has been times though ive caught things her nurses etc haven’t though. It’s not good to add anxiety but it can be good if you are assuring yourself nothing is wrong. I actually have worked in the medical field so long I know a lot to be worried about but can also know enough not to worry so it balances itself out. My ptsd from trauma medically causes anxiety every time I go to the doctor. I hate facing stuff. It also causes me not to worry because I know if I do I’ll have to go to doctor. When in doubt it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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