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Being weird tonight

Hello. How's it going? I'm Trying to sort of relax my mind a little. I don't want to go to bed anxious. But anyway, this is my 3rd day on the triple therapy treatment for H Pylori. This is also the first day in nearly a year I'm able to take a deep breath without feeling restricted and the first day I haven't felt heart burn or crazy bloating. I forgot what it feels like to not feel discomfort in my chest because I've been feeling it for so long. I'm supposed to be happy but instead it's giving me anxiety. I guess I have to adapt.

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I constantly see people with new really bad side effects. It is unusual to see people having such a good reaction. You are truly blessed! We all have good days and bad. As hard as it may be I hope you can find the blessing in this and relax. Anxiety is my normal. It’s so rare for me to not feel it. My mom said she can tell I’m anxious when I can’t because I’m so used to it. No symptoms are good symptoms. I’m here if needed. Congratulations. I’ve truly gotten to where being anxious, chest pain etc is so common I rarely think about it. Instead I’m trying to pay more attention when I don’t and enjoy it. Hope you can do the same. God bless you!


Thank You! Anxiety is the norm, you are so right and I wonder what it would be like to be my old self again like many others I guess. I appreciate your words and will look at this as a good thing. Thank You and Blessings to you too!


Peacewithin1, Feeling like yourself again is the most incredible feeling ever. Maybe more so than the first time around when you didn't appreciate that good feeling w/o fear, w/o physical symptoms. It's an Alive feeling, It's a High on Life feeling. I think you get the idea :) It's real nice xx


Yes Thank You it is a Great feeling. I'm trying to keep a positive mind.

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