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Taking Atarax for an on going skin condition However I suffer from anxiety take 40mg of Seroxat daily. Anxiety seems to have got worse ( states can help anxiety ). .Anyone been given this drug and had similar side effects .

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I have a prescription for Atarax that I take on an as needed basis for breakthrough anxiety. It was prescribed for anxiety. I know it will relax you which in turn will calm skin. If you are taking too much anxiety meds or some just have the symptom of anxiety. I would for sure talk to your doctor. There may be a Med that won’t affect you that way. Meds affect people differently. What may work good for one person may not work well for another. It is important to note any new symptoms or side effects and discuss them with your doctor. Best of luck!


Hi Shawny, I need to discuss this with my Gp or consultant. It states on the pamphlet it is given for anxiety as well as being an antihistamine. Obviously it does not work for me. There will be other pills though.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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I’m not familiar with the other med you said. Seroxat. You know you can also call your pharmacist if needed when unable to see GP. They can answer questions about meds as well. They can’t prescribe or change them but are very knowledgeable about the different meds. I hope you find what’s best for you. 😁


ALWAYS trust your instincts!


Thanks anxiety dissipated since leaving off Atarax


Seroxat is an SSRI antidepressant ( PAROXETINE)Yes have a good rerlationship with local pharmacist.


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