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Handling anxiety

All I can say 'anxiety' is something only you who can handle it no one else. You have to reassure yourself that you are fine. This life is only for once and we have to live with it. Whenever I go to a new place I feel scared what I started to do was to start with new places near my home than a little further and more further. No one can understand the pain we are going through. Keep yourself busy as much as you can. Anxiety heart palpatations won't leave you alone, I know very well fight with it. You might think, yeah right, it's not possible trust me its possible I did it. It feels as if every day is hell, but you start with just small steps everyday only 5 minutes to start with to think you have this life to enjoy its your life.

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Totally agree. That’s what I have been doing small steps getting out the house and learning to live again !

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Totally right!


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