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Head and neck tightness

My newest symptom is very tight pressure at the back of my head and neck which eventually becomes painful usually by the end of the day of course it is worrying me and I seem to be focusing on it so much that I think I even bring it on sometimes and I wake up everyday fearing if it will happen again today. I know what I'm supposed to do and replied to many people on hear with advice and preaching but I can't seem to take my own advice on this one 😩

Please share your experiences with head/neck tension/pressure/pain

Thank you

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Hi Aazz, I lived with head and neck tightness every single day for years. That is where anxiety chose to direct it's attention to. That was after several years of it being about my heart palps and flutters. I know being so afraid of anxiety and it's symptoms caused me to be on alert every moment of the day which caused me to "jut" my head forward in a on alert stance. Between the fear and the improper body alignment, the muscles continued to tightened so much that it caused trigger points (muscle knots) to develop in my upper shoulders and base of the neck. From that to feeling pressure at the base of the skull.

Lymphatic fluid will build up in my head because the tight muscles wouldn't allow the fluids to drain normally. I used physical therapy, relaxation, heat and acupressure to release those triggers. I was taught self help treatment that I could do at home. It took time but eventually disappeared. Understanding what it is that you are feeling is a big part of getting better. Don't allow thoughts of something more sinister going on make it worse.

Hoping you can see, we are never alone in any of the symptoms we experience. Hopefully hearing it from someone us will give you that little push you need to do what you have to do :)


Thank you agora I'm going to an accupuncturist on Saturday hopefully that will help some and I will start doing some guided meditation every night and maybe fit in a massage. 😀

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Sounds good Aazz, feel better :)


I have had this for years. It comes and goes. I found wearing a scarf warmed my neck and made me feel a little better x


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